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Poem: "A Family of Guardians"

This is today's freebie, inspired by a backchannel prompt from [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke (Rocket).

Warning: This poem contains dysfunctional family dynamics and some very bent ideas about what "family" means. But they love each other anyway, even if they don't realize it or know how to express it in healthy ways.

"A Family of Guardians"

StarLord (Peter Quill)

He knows that he can't
have a family because
his heart is broken, and
you can't carry a family in
a broken heart any more than
you can carry water in a broken jar.

His heart has been broken ever since
his mother died and Yondu -- but
Yondu is complicated, everything
in Peter's life is complicated.

So he doesn't go looking
for a wife or kids, just
a nice uncomplicated fuck
now and then.

Then the Guardians
happen, and Peter's life
gets even more complicated,

because now he's hooked on a feeling
that he's afraid even to name.


Family is pain.
Family is vengeance.

She knows this in her bones,
has grown up knowing it with
Thanos for a father and
Nebula for a sister.

When the Guardians
start to hurt, Gamora
knows she's in trouble,

but she doesn't know why
this pain is so much sweeter.


Family is what you kill for.
Family is what you would die for.

He knows this because he had one,
had a wife and a daughter before
Ronan destroyed them and
his life with them.

Since then, Drax has lived
only for revenge, but now
there are the Guardians

and he has someone else
to kill for, to die for ...

perhaps, even, to live for.

Rocket Raccoon

He didn't come out of a mother,
so he's never had a family.

He looks at other people
who have families, and he
doesn't understand them,

but he understands Groot.


WE are Groot.

* * *


Guardians of the Galaxy is a science fantasy movie about superpowers in space. Its soundtrack includes the song "Hooked on a Feeling."

Functional families may break down occasionally under stress, but dysfunctional families are broken all the time. Growing up in a dysfunctional family tends to do lasting damage. Learn how to overcome it.

Horrible experiences can lead to traumatic stress and problems such as PTSD. There are ways to help someone through it.
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