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Today's Adventures

We went to the Cheese Festival in Arthur today. Didn't look like much of a shopping fair at first, but we found some great stuff later on. My corn dog was meh, but the funnel cake was quite good, and so were the shakeups. The weather was gorgeous too, mostly sunny and cool. Show is still on Sunday if anyone wants to go.

There's a leatherworker where Doug bought a belt two years ago and wanted to get some new holes punched, which he did. Then I spotted a gorgeous black belt stamped with silver acorns, so Doug bought that. \o/ Sadly I forgot to grab a business card there, or the place selling the excellent licorice.

I found a spoon rest made from a melted mason jar, and enjoyed a lovely conversation with the glassworker. Apparently it's a finicky bit of science to cut in just the right place so the jar will fold its own sides and base down mostly flat in the oven but not erase the label stamp completely. :D Midwest Finds is about returning mason jars to everyday life, so they also had some other things such as pump lids and jar lanterns. I am heartily in favor of this.

My big find was a metalwork birdfeeder at quite a nice price from Chasin' Rainbows (chasinrainbows1@comcast.net). It's white with a little umbrella top and a tray underneath. I'll probably put it by the edge of the patio and if they don't like it there, try moving it on top of the barrel garden.

Kudos to the railroad safety dude with the excellent swag from Operation Lifesaver. He had handouts for their general safety stuff plus some new things. Some genius came up with the idea of putting an emergency number and ID number at every railroad crossing. So if your (or someone else's) car stalls on the tracks, or the signal malfunctions, or there's another problem -- look for that sign, call the number on it, read the ID label, and someone will come deal with it. \o/ Swag included pencils, a very strong chip clip with their cute "See Tracks, Think Train" slogan and a magnet on the back, and this summer's winner for the Most Topical Swag Award: an emergency whistle. Public safety: you're doing it right! :D

No, we didn't buy any cheese this year. Ironically we already have a drawer full in the fridge.
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