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Today in the Kitchen

Today we did Doug's kitchen projects with the tomatoes.  

1) We figured out how many tomatoes would be needed for the pico de gallo, then set those aside.

2) I looked up recipes for other types of makhani besides dal makhani.  It also comes in chicken, lamb, pork, and paneer (a type of Indian cheese) flavors.  Most of those use 1 cup of tomato puree, while the pork uses 1 1/2 cups.

3) We scalded, chopped, and pureed the remaining tomatoes.  We poured off 18 oz. for a double batch of dal makhani, which we stashed in the fridge to make the dal makhani tomorrow.  (It takes a long time to cook in a crockpot.)  Then we potted up another 18 oz carton, three 1-cup cartons, and an extra 1/2 cup carton for the freezer.  That will let us make another batch of dal makhani later, as well as testing three different flavors of new makhani recipes -- including the pork, which will use up that extra 1/2 cup.  This method of puree is very efficient and much less work than the other recipes, so if it proves to work well in recipes, we will probably keep it in mind for future opportunities to obtain mass quantities of tomatoes.

We have now processed 25 pounds of fresh tomatoes with two people in less than one week.  \o/   This was a ton of work, right at the edge of our ability, so it got kind of hairy in places.  I'm not sure I'd want to do it again.  However, if the puree pans out, that's a lot less work and would give us more flexibility.

Tomorrow is slated for making dal makhani.  We have also written down ingredients to purchase for the chicken makhani, so that we can test that next week.  :D

Yay.  Yay.  *goflopnow*
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