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Cooking Day

Today is a cooking day.  We are making Italian sausage spaghetti sauce in two related but not identical batches.  The larger one will have cherry tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes, and two pounds of mild Italian sausage.  The smaller one will have all beefsteak tomatoes and one pound of hot Italian sausage.  This is a lot more complicated than buying one smaller batch of stuff for one specific recipe, because we've bought bunches of different stuff in different places.  So for instance I didn't initially plan on using cherry tomatoes (the goal of spaghetti sauce was to use up the giant box of beefsteaks) but when Doug pointed them out at the farmer's market we bought 2 pints because the last batch was so yummy.  Then we bought more Italian sausage, but realized later it wasn't the exact same flavor.  We'll figure it out, though.  We spent the early afternoon chopping all the veggies to put them into two crockpots.

The house is starting to smell yummy.
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