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Magic Wall

You may recall that my_partner_doug is a magician.  He's been working on a gallery wall of his magic posters, and today he hung them up.  I think it looks awesome, and it's challenging due to the mix of different sizes and colors.  \o/  Top center is a promotional poster from our friend Andy Dallas.  Below that is the guestlist poster from the IBM/SAM Convention in Louisville last month.  Center left is from a Christmas show in Pigeon Forge that we attended.  Center right is a Jeff McBride poster from Magifest. I forget the two black-and-whites, as those weren't from something I attended.  This gallery wall is in Doug's upstairs office on the west wall to the left of the computer desk, and the magic desk is just to the left of the gallery wall where it turns a corner to become the south wall.

This is the magic wall that my partner put together.
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