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Fresh Lychees

Yesterday I spied a bag of fresh lychees in Wal-Mart and grabbed them.  I love the canned kind they have in Chinese buffets. 

Fresh lychees come enclosed in a hard, bumpy shell that you have to peel off.  It wasn't hard to break through, but it chipped like eggshell.  Eventually I figured out the fastest way to get the fruit out was to chip away the bottom half and then shuck off the rest in one piece.  They're very juicy, enough to make puddles, and I had to wash my hands after peeling them and again after eating them.  The flesh is thick and white around a large dark pit.  Fortunately they are also freestone fruits.

The flavor is delicious!  It's very much like canned lychee, but more complex: tropical, fruity, floral, and a little musky.  I really enjoyed these.  They're kind of a chore to peel, but they taste really good.  I might buy them again.  They would probably work great in a tropical fruit salad.

I bet Turq loves these things.
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