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Wednesday Yardening

Today is warm and muggy, although not as hot as it has been earlier.  We hauled three huge piles of grass.  

Sweat bees are out in force.  :P  AAAAAAA stop licking meeeee!  O_O  Yes, I was wearing repellent.  No, it didn't help.

The faery ring is still going strong.  Biggest mushroom has opened its cap and has a long skirt flapping in the breeze.  Literally. That thing looks like Marilyn Monroe standing on the fan grate.  :D

Butterflies everywhere today.  Monarchs, including a mating pair.  Painted ladies.  Cabbage whites.  One that's either a black-phase tiger swallowtail or a mourning cloak, couldn't tell from a distance.

My naked lady lilies are blooming.  \o/  
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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