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Poem: "Emergent Journeys" - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poem: "Emergent Journeys"
This is today's freebie.

"Emergent Journeys"

The Northwest Passage was
the Holy Grail of explorers for centuries,
seeking an open-water route over
the top of North America.

In time, they discovered
that the arctic weather
locked the islands in ice.

There was no way for a ship
to get through with any reliability,
rendering it useless for trade.

But then the world began to warm,
and the ice melted, and the islands
shrugged off their white coats.

Suddenly, the Northwest Passage
glinted a thin blue beacon.

The ships began exploring again,
first a few, and then more of them.

Just as there are perishable truths --
things which used to be true
but have become false --

so too there are emergent journeys
following routes that used to be impassable
but have appeared out of the changing Earth.

* * *


The Northwest Passage has a deadly history, but is opening up now.

Climate change and global warming have a stronger impact on the arctic area than on most other areas.

Many of the changes are bad, but not all are 100% bad.  Unless, you know, Canada declares war over everyone else trespassing in their sovereign waters.

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