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Monday Update 7-31-17 - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Monday Update 7-31-17
These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Poetry Fishbowl Report for July 4, 2017
Recipe: "Smoky Chicken"
Sunday Yardening
Poem: "Treasure Box"
Poem: "The Declension of Gender"
Coins of the World
Saturday Yardening
A Perfect Trip
Unsold Poems from the July 4, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl
Read "Moon Ghazals"
Friday Yardening
Economy for the Common Good
Read "Defending Their Own" by Dialecticdreamer
Poem: "No Power Like the Power of Youth"
Nerd Sex Joke
Moment of Silence: June Foray
Wednesday Yardening
Poem: "This Hazardous Business"
Good News

There will be a Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, August 1 with a theme of "Rites / Rights of Passage." I hope to see you then!

Poetry in Microfunding:
"A Hope and a Promise" is now complete.  Aidan and Saraphina explore the roof garden.  "The Inner Transition" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Berettaflies.  Valor's Widow finds out what Stylet has in his backpack.  "The Order of Their Stars" belongs to An Army of One.  Astin takes V shopping.

Weather has included some beautiful temperate days here.  Currently blooming: dandelions, marigolds, petunias, lantana, million bells, snapdragons, zinnias, firecracker plant, white and red clover, morning glories, spiderwort, echinacea, blackberry lilies, yellow coneflowers, Queen Anne's lace, frost asters, cup plant, black-eyed Susan, torenia, purple aster, naked ladies.  Corn ears are thickening and the corn seems to be done emitting pollen.  I have been weeding gardens, so they're more visible now.

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