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Recipe: "Smoky Chicken"

I came up with this the other night. It is quite tasty. Also chicken breasts are cheap and good for you.

"Smoky Chicken"

2 butterflied chicken breasts
smoked salt
smoked black pepper
smoked paprika
roasted ginger
roasted coriander


Turn on George Foreman grill. Set a timer to 5 minutes. Grill will be hot and ready for meat after that.

Place chicken breasts on a cutting board. Sprinkle with smoked salt,
smoked black pepper, smoked paprika, roasted ginger, and roasted coriander. Turn over and season other side.

When grill is hot, place chicken breasts on the grill and close it. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

When timer sounds, remove chicken breasts from grill and turn off grill. Cut into chicken breasts to make sure they are fully cooked; if not, you can put them back on for another minute or two. Serves two people.

* * *


Butterflied chicken breasts are cut very thin. Any other thin cut of chicken should work. Another option is to buy regular chicken breasts and pound them flat. If you cook these in a skillet, you can use regular chicken breasts because then they won't jam a sandwich-type grill.

Smoked salt comes in many flavors such as apple, mesquite, and hickory. Any of them should work in this recipe. Sea salt or table salt will work if you don't have smoked salt.

Smoked pepper is usually black pepper with strong wood such as hickory or mesquite. If you don't have any, plain black pepper will do.

Smoked paprika is the star of the recipe. Plain paprika won't yield the same effect. However, if you like smoked pepper products, it is possible to get all kinds of things such as chipotle powder, so you can experiment with variations. For a hotter result, use more paprika; to make this milder, use less.

Roasted ginger is best bought from the store, and has a nuttier flavor than plain ginger. It adds complexity to the flavors.

Roasted coriander can be made at home by toasting coriander seeds in a skillet, but it's easier to buy than to make. It adds a sweet note. For a milder recipe, use more roasted coriander and just a little smoked paprika.

You need at least a couple of different smoky seasonings to make this recipe work, and more is better. Feel free to substitute, though, based on what you have and like. Many spices are available in smoked or roasted forms.

To expand this recipe, simply increase the number of chicken breasts. You can only fit two at a time on a Foreman grill, but you can fit more in a big skillet if you're using that instead. Baking is another option.

EDIT 7/30/17: Although originally intended for whole chicken breasts, this could also be used to flavor chicken meant to be chopped as an ingredient in something else.  Someone suggested fajitas; quesadillas or salad should also work.
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