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School Segregation - The Wordsmith's Forge
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School Segregation
Here's an article about school segregation, which is still a problem.  There are two things it doesn't talk about, though.

1) Forcing children to travel to a distant school instead of one close to home burgles their time.  Children are largely powerless to prevent this type of abuse.  They get little enough time of their own regardless; it is wicked of adults to steal even more of it. Of course, as children grow, they gain more power -- and one thing they do if they don't like the school they're shoved into is first skip it and then quit it.  This is a serious and growing problem.

2) You can make something happen, but you can't make it work.  You can trap people in an enclosed space with people they hate, but you cannot force them to like each other, to become friends, or even to be civil.  It has been tried and has failed miserably; as soon as you lose the ability to use force, they spring apart like two north magnets.  If you want to desegregate society, you cannot simply dump people who hate each other into the same place and expect it to work.  You have to teach not just tolerance, but cultural awareness and teamwork -- how to get the advantages out of diversity, and minimize the disadvantages.  Without those skills, people constantly rub each other the wrong way and hate it and look for ways to escape. It is possible to promote diversity and multicultural society, but the ways America has tried on a large scale are neither effective nor popular.

We should be looking for better solutions than trying to force people back into a situation they wish to flee.

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