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Coins of the World

Today's fun thing was receiving two packages of assorted coins. The top row was sold as coins with different shapes, while the bottom rows are a random batch.


Doug wants to collect some coins, inspired by something he saw at the magic convention recently. :D For the purposes of this project, it does not matter if we get some duplicates; the idea is to gather a mass of widely varied coins. So I'm helping, and you can help too!

If you have access to coins from outside the United States of America, then you can send us a few and get $5 credit toward poetry. I currently have two open epics: "The Inner Tradition" needs $308 to be complete, and "The Order of Their Stars" needs $83 to be complete.  We could really chip away at those with this opportunity.  We're not looking for expensive coins, just pocket change.  Don't worry about exchange rate, the idea is not to send $5 of coins, just at least one coin.  Ideally, I suggest that you figure out what it costs to mail a letter here, subtract that from $5, and use the remainder as a ceiling to estimate what coins to send.  Coins have some weight, which factors into postage, but if you're only sending a few then it shouldn't run up the cost too high.  If your only mail options are more expensive than $5 and you still want to participate, send me a message -- I have a functionally infinite supply of poetry, so your budget is the limit rather than mine.  Make sure you tell me which poem your donation is going toward!  Because if it doesn't say, then I'll just throw it into whichever of the open epics needs attention.

Let the games begin!  \o/
Tags: entertainment, ethnic studies, magic, poetry
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