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Poetry Fishbowl Update

I have completed the first batch of poems for this fishbowl. \o/  I am still working through other prompts I want to cover.

Today is the last day to put in donations that count on this ticker and will get you prompting rights for the mid-month session. If you send money, or pledge a specific amount, it counts; if it's just an expression of interest, it doesn't.  For all the folks who contributed prompts toward Kenzie's storyline, [personal profile] ng_moonmoth is running a pool to fund "And Thunder Calls in the Distance" with further options for "The Order of Their Stars" and "Mosaic Identities." 

Poems sent to my parents: "Missing," "Beneath the Willow Tree," and the remainder of "Essential for Human Survival."  But I'm not going to bust my hump trying to get those all posted ahead of the busyweek.  I just want folks to know what sold.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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