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Sex Ed for Pirates

(Obviously NSFW.)

Been there, had that conversation. LOL It's amusing to think, oh yeah, the artist must have been there too. Because this is totally what happens when you try to explain to pirates how not to knock up their favorite whore and where is the little man in the boat.

Meanwhile in Terramagne, Grainne Nuala is probably still throwing occasional treasure at sex ed programs. Imagine some Planned Parenthood office manager opening the dropbox and then ...

"Well, nuts! Some darn fundie must crammed this thing with brass pirate tokens."

"Uh, boss? These are heavier than brass and some of them are bent."

"Holy Mary Mother of God this is all REAL?! Who would do that?"

"Maybe a pirate who loves sex ed."
Tags: art, fantasy, gender studies, humor, networking
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