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Tuesday Yardening

I managed to get out and water plants, but I probably won't get much else done outside.  It's warm and muggy tonight. Something new is fixing to bloom in the wildflower garden. 

EDIT 7/4/17: I went back out for a walk at dusk.  The air is warm and moist, so the fireflies are all sparking it up.  :D  The breeze is heavy and sweet with corn pollen.

Fireworks are starting up. Someone's doing quite a show just to the east of us.  I can't see anything due to the corn covering the whole horizon, but I can hear them thumping and banging away back there.  To the south and west I have a better view, and got to see a few fireworks.  Mostly I'm content with the great show our northerly neighbors did just the other night.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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