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Garden Photos 6-26-17

I took a bunch of pictures today.

Here is the barrel garden.
The barrel garden is blooming.

If you look closely, you can see both morning glories (darker green, heart-shaped leaves) and moonflowers (yellow-green, pointier tips) climbing the pole.
The yellow-green, long-heart-shaped ones are moonflower leaves.

The pepper is almost ripe.
The pepper is ripening.

These green apples are growing on the birdgift tree.
These green apples are growing on the birdgift tree.

This is the septic garden.
This is the septic garden.

The lamb's ear is blooming again.
Lamb's ear is blooming.

Daylilies in the patch by the road are almost done.
Daylilies by the road have almost finished blooming.

Cleome is doing really well in the white garden this year.
Cleome is blooming.

Yucca is done blooming and the pods are getting big.
Yucca pods are getting big.

Originally, I planted white echinacea in the white garden.  However, it's reverting to the natural pale pink color.
Echinacea is blooming in the white garden.

The allium is setting seeds.
The allium is setting seeds.

Daylilies by the old fishpond are still blooming.
The daylilies by the fishpond are still going.

Morning glories are sprouting alongside the moonflowers.
Morning glories are sprouting.

The wildflower garden is looking more gardenish the more echinacea blooms.
The wildflower garden is blooming.

Purple spiderwort is going too.
Purple spiderwort is blooming.

Yarrow is still blooming, but starting to turn brown.
Yarrow is blooming.

Look at all this echinacea.  :D
Echinacea is blooming in the wildflower garden.

There is a Japanese beetle on this one.
A Japanese beetle is nibbling on echinacea.

Here you can see the cone beginning to develop as the petals droop.  The actual flowers are tiiiiny yellow things you can just barely see in a ring.  They creep along the center as the blossom matures.
The echinacea petals are drooping.

Blackberries are turning pink.
Blackberries are turning pink.
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