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Garden Photos 6-24-17

I took these photos on Saturday.

The barrel garden is blooming.
The barrel garden is blooming.

So is the echinacea beside it.
Echinacea is blooming by the barrel garden.

Morning glory in bloom.
Morning glories are blooming.

The pepper is about half-ripe.
The pepper is ripening.

Petunias are blooming.
Petunias are blooming.

This chicory is blooming by the wagonwheel garden.
Chicory is blooming.

The big leaves are moonflower. The tiny ones are new morning glories.
Morning glories and moonflowers are sprouting.

The wildflower garden is blooming.
The wildflower garden is blooming.

This is purple spiderwort.
Spiderwort is blooming.

The echincea is coming along nicely.
Echnicea is blooming in the wildflower garden.

These are asters.
Asters are blooming.

Here is the Goddess Garden.  It has six thyme plants now.  I'd like to get two more.
This is the Goddess Garden.

The golden rain tree is blooming.
The golden rain tree is blooming.

Here is a long view.  The golden rain tree is near the middle.  It's about 30 feet tall now, one of the first trees I planted when we moved back to this house.  Behind and to the right, that big walnut sometimes has a beehive inside it.  I haven't seen them this year though.
The golden rain tree is getting tall.

This is the top of the golden rain tree.
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