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Garden Photos 6-22-17 Flowers

I took these pictures on Thursday.

This is a long view of the barrel garden.
This is the barrel garden.

Here's a closeup.
Closeup of the barrel garden.

Portulaca is blooming in one hanging basket.
The portulaca occupies one of the hanging baskets at the barrel garden.

Over on the picnic table, this pepper is half ripe.
This pepper is about half ripe now.

Petunias are blooming there too.
These petunias are blooming.

This one is on the patio.
This petunia is blooming on the patio.

Japanese beetles are munching on the Manchurian apricot.  At first I just saw something buzzing there through the window, wondered if it might have been bees, but there was no swarm.  When I saw the holes in the leaves, I thought Japanese beetles.  Going outside confirmed it.
Japanese beetles are munching on the Manchurian apricot.

This is the septic garden.
This is the septic garden.

Carnations are blooming.
Carnations are blooming.

The yuccas are almost done blooming.
The yucca is almost done blooming.

Their pods are getting plump.
Yucca pods are plumping up.

Shasta daisies are budding in the white garden.
Shasta daisy is budding in the white garden.

The morning glories have been eaten, but moonflowers are sprouting.  I found more morning glory seeds at a store, but not more moonflowers.
Moonflowers are sprouting.

This is the wildflower garden.
This is the wildflower garden.

Prairie onions have heads.
Prairie onions have heads.

Northern sea oats are putting out seeds.
Northern Sea Oats are setting seeds.

This echinacea is blooming.
Echinacea is blooming in the wildflower garden.

Here is another with some wild onions.
This echinacea is mixed with prairie onions.
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