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Garden Photos 6-19-17 Birds - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Garden Photos 6-19-17 Birds
These are more pictures from Monday that wouldn't fit in the previous post.

The baby robins are almost ready to fledge.  There are three of them, but only two show here.
These are baby robins.

One of the parents sat on the wire above the nest ...
This is one of the robin parents.

... and then flew away.
The robin flew away just as I snapped this picture.

Here are both parents in the fruiting mulberry tree, shrieking at me.
Here are both robin parents.

This is the Goddess Garden.
Here is the Goddess Garden.

This is a cottontail rabbit nest.  Can you see it?  I'm only standing about 10 feet away.
This is a long view of a rabbit nest.

How about now?
This is a medium view of the rabbit nest.

Right on top of it.
This is a closeup of the rabbit nest.

And here are the bunnies.  They have their eyes open and are fully furred, thus almost ready to leave the nest.
The bunnies are in the nest.

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