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Garden Photos 6-19-17 Flowers

These pictures are from Monday, June 19.

Echinacea is beginning to bloom beside the barrel garden.
Echinacea is beginning to bloom beside the barrel garden.

This is the barrel garden.
Here is the barrel garden.

This pepper is beginning to ripen.
This pepper is starting to ripen.

Moss rose is blooming.
Moss rose is blooming.

So is gazania.
Gazania is blooming.

Million bells are blooming on the patio.
Million bells in bloom.

Here is the septic garden.
This is the septic garden.

Cleome is blooming in the white garden.
Cleome is blooming.

Yucca is almost done blooming.  I was out in the evening and surprised to discover that they are more fragrant at night.  Since they are pollinated by moths, this makes sense, but I had not noticed it before.
Yucca is winding down.

Some of its flowers are setting seed.  This also surprised me, because I didn't think yucca moths came this far north and also I've never seen their little holes (made by exiting caterpillars) on the pods.  But perhaps their range is expanding, or some other moths may have done the duty.
Yucca is setting seeds.

Most of the morning glories have been eaten.
The morning glories have been munched.

This is the cardinal nest in the hazelnut bush.
This is a cardinal egg.

Here is the wildflower garden.
The wildflower garden is blooming.

Echinacea is just putting out petals.
Echinacea is beginning to bloom in the wildflower garden.

Prairie onions have heads.
Prairie onions have heads.

Asters are blooming.
Asters are blooming in the wildflower garden.

These black raspberries are in the blackberry patch.
Black raspberries are ripe.

The blackberries aren't ripe yet.
Blackberries have green fruit.
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