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Garden Photos - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Garden Photos
Today is warm and muggy. I took some pictures.

This is the barrel garden.
Here is the barrel garden.

Moss rose and ice plants are blooming.  You can see a little of the color difference between the amber and yellow ice plants.
Moss rose and ice plants are blooming.

Petunias are blooming.
Petunias are blooming.

So is this one.
This petunia is on the patio.

This planter is on the porch.
This flower box is blooming on the porch.

Here is the septic garden after weeding.
The septic garden is blooming.

Carnations are blooming again.
This carnation is blooming in the septic garden.

The yucca is in full bloom in the white garden.
The yucca is blooming in the white garden.

This patch of daylilies is at the end of the old fishpond.
These daylilies are blooming at the end of the old fishpond.

When I went to check the nest in the hazelnut bush, a lady cardinal flew out.  :D 3q3q3q!!!
This cardinal nest is in the hazelnut bush in the savanna.

Here is the wildflower garden.
Here is the wildflower garden.

Purple spiderwort is blooming again.
Purple spiderwort is blooming.

Echinacea is budding.  I'm not seeing much of the yellow coneflower this year though.
Echinacea is budding.

This aster is blooming too.  Many asters are late summer-early autumn blooming but this one seems to be a summer bloomer.
This aster is blooming in the wildflower garden.

Here are the baby robins in Home Base.  I think there are three of them.  \o/
These baby robins are in Home Base.

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