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Moment of Silence: Adam West and "Velvet Messengers"

Adam West has passed away.  Among his more famous appearances, he played Batman on television. 

I HAS A SAD.  :'''(  And I'm trying to figure out how to lower the Batsignal to half-mast.

Somewhere between the dimensions, the egregore of the Joker is crying his eyes out.

EDIT 6/10/17: I got the news about Adam West's passing just minutes before we had to leave the house.  Now that I'm home and have had a few minutes to tune in, here is the elegy. 

"Velvet Messengers"
-- an elegy for Adam West, (September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017)

There are no seraphim in
this escort, no solemn Uriel
to close his sooty feathers
around the deceased,

even though the wind
is heavy with wingbeats
and the messengers
silhouette themselves
against the full moon.

(Because of course
the moon was full.)

These angels,
when they come,
have wings of velvet

and voices too high to hear.

* * * 


Uriel is the angel of death, who along with other angels is believed to escort the souls of the departed.  It has been the custom for some centuries to depict angels with feathered wings.  Uriel's are often, though not always, dark gray or black.

The Bat Signal appears as a bright disc with a dark bat shape in the center.  Similarly, Batman and his gear are often silhouetted against the full moon, in contexts ranging from serious to silly.

Angel voices are often described as too high for humans to hear, or barely within range as a shrill whine or squeak.  Bat voices are too high for most humans to hear.

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