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Today was hot, but cooled off enough in the evening that I could shoot some pictures.

This is the linden seedling in the forest garden.  Someday this will be the main, full-size tree in this patch.  In addition to sweet flowers, it's resistant to wind and ice damage.
This linden seedling is growing in the forest garden.

Sprouting from the jug is a dogwood.  Behind it are two different hostas and the hose from the sump pump.
This dogwood seedling is growing in the forest garden.

This is a redbud surrounded by copious catnip.  Much of the time the forest garden looks like a giant patch of weeds, but there really are mindful choices growing in there.  The dogwood and the redbud will be understory trees.
This redbud seedling is growing in the forest garden, with catnip.

Here is the mourning dove and her two squabs.  Look!  They have their feathers now.  :D
The dove is with her squabs, who have feathers now.

These potted plants stand along the edge of the patio.
These potted plants are on the patio.

More petunias are blooming on the picnic table.
More of my petunias are blooming.

This is the septic garden.
Here is the septic garden.

Coreopsis has buds on it.
The coreopsis has buds on it.

This is chocolate mint.
This is chocolate mint.

The darker carnation has also regrown enough to bloom.  \o/
The dark pink carnation has regrown its flowers.

The grass is shoulder-high in the south lot.  This type has open seed heads.
This open grass head is blooming beside the septic garden.

Lilies are blooming around the telephone pole.
These lilies are blooming around the telephone pole.

Some of the morning glories have survived nibbling.
The morning glories are growing.

The wildflower garden has more blossoms now.
Here is the wildflower garden.

Yarrow is still going.
Yarrow is blooming in the wildflower garden.

This is rose campion.
Rose campion is blooming in the wildflower garden.

The pink penstemon opened a couple more flowers.
Pink penstemon is blooming in the wildflower garden.

The white penstemon is blooming too.
White penstemon is blooming in the wildflower garden.

This grass has a closed head.
This grass is blooming near the parking lot.
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