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Upcycling Old Socks

A friend asked what to do with old socks. Here are some great ideas. Some of these will also work with other types of repurposed or scrap fabric. Yes, I have a ragbag that I actually use. My grandparents helped raise me, so I'm double-stamped on time period and have nearly Depression-caliber poorskills.

Batches of ideas:

Craft Ideas

How to Upcycle Old Socks

62 Things to Do with Mismatched Socks

For any kind of sock:

Sock Puppets

Zig-Zag Sock Rug

Shaggy Sock Rug

Draft Stoppers

For 100% natural fiber, because synthetics can melt:

Make a Rice Sock

Make a Torch

The #1 thing I do with old socks, other than using them as cleaning rags, is making torches for ritual processions. It works super well. :D
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