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Wonder Woman

We went to see Wonder Woman today.  It was totally awesome.  Definitely one of the best superhera movies ever.  \o/  Lots of athletic women running around kicking butt.  Also check out the fantastic merchandise.  If you look closely at the dolls, you see they match the actress surprisingly well: reasonable breasts, a little hip, a fairly thick muscular waist, and nice powerful legs.  :D  Also the Amazons mostly weren't willowy.  They were trim and muscular, or beefy.  I lost count of how many times someone said "You can't ..." to Diana, and in the next frame they were looking around for her while she ran off doing it anyhow.  And that's feminism for you.

I have to look pretty hard to find flaws.  I did noticed that Diana's mother was an idiot.  (You made a baby Amazon, not a dahlia.  How could you possibly think she'd be a pacifist?)  It was just generally brilliant.

If you like watching women kick ass, go see this movie.
Tags: activism, entertainment, fantasy, gender studies, review
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