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Poem: "To Know After Absence" - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poem: "To Know After Absence"
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ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: June 28th, 2017 10:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Thank you!

>> ... which is exactly what I'd expect of Shiv. <<


>> We routinely warn anyone who wants to use our kitchen about the knives; most of them have been neglected for a while, but I have more time now. The ceramic knives don't care, of course. <<

Most of our sharpest knives live in a knife block. The Cutco is serious metal and will hurt you if you screw with it, including the spatula spreader which doesn't look very sharp but is. I have one Cutco knife that lives in the drawer with the regular steak knives. While our knives are not scalpel-sharp, the Cutco is chef-sharp.

>> I don't think Shiv would be all that interested in ceramic knives, though I could be wrong -- he might be amused by knives that stay sharp without his having to pay attention to them.<<

I think he would be intrigued for the same reason I am, that they don't make fruit turn brown as fast. He's not fussy about maintenance because with his superpower, things either stay sharp a long time, or permanently, depending how much oomph he puts into it. A casual flick over the edge will last several times as long as normal sharpening; if he concentrates, he can perm an edge on good steel without much effort.

A big drawback of ceramic knives is their fragility, and Shiv would be disdainful of that. But he can also make rigid materials stronger, although that does require more energy and it's even more important to start with good material. Still, he could take a high-quality ceramic knife and make it permanently sharp and unbreakable.

Right now, Shiv's kitchenware probably consists of junk sprinkled with a few good pieces. The more he hangs out with the Finns -- and Cook -- the less satisfied he'll become with trashmetal. Sooner or later, Shiv will want to upgrade to a really good set of kitchen knives whose make will stand up to perming them so they won't dull or break. But first, he needs to learn what all the knives do and which ones he uses the most. Also his hands aren't much bigger than mine, which will influence his choices -- he'll like the extended paring knives, and unlike me will probably also enjoy the smaller chef knives, but the really big ones are probably too big for him to use comfortably. Well, by hand. Given his superpower he may just manipulate the bigger ones that way. It's something he needs to explore before investing large sums of money in hardware.

Huh, what he really ought to do is chuck that kitchen table -- he has a dining table elsewhere -- and replace it with a nice big butcher table like the one downstairs in the club kitchen. Shiv would get all kinds of use out of that, and a hardwood block would stand up to the kind of rough treatment he dishes out. *ponder* Particularly if he used his superpower to make it a little more durable without making it so impenetrable that it would wreck knives.
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