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Half-Price Sale: Shiv

This week, the poetry in the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series is on sale for half price from Monday, May 15 through Sunday, May 21. This series is superhero fantasy and the thread focuses on a young supervillain. It features themes of trauma, recovery, law and disorder, coming of age, power dynamics, trust and distrust, identity, diversity, family of choice, friendship, and cultural engineering. Sale prices range from $50.50 to $156. There are three open epics at present, all in Polychrome Heroics, so I'd rather not open a new one unless absolutely essential.

Some of the poems are in sequence of related action, so in places there are prerequisites before a poem can be published. They can be sponsored at any time, just might have to wait for publication until something else gets posted first. Those are marked accordingly. I have also made lists of poems which unlock sequels, and poems which have prerequisites.

Linkback perk: The following poems have verses left to reveal. Boost the signal for this half-price sale and tell me which poem you want to extend.

"Testing the Metal"
"Dangerous Refuges"
"The Marble and the Sculptor"
"Picking Up the Litter"
"The Golden Peaches of Peace"
"Leaves Upon the Water"
"The Quick Brown Fox"

About characters and storylines: The storylines feature multiple characters, so if you want poems about ONE specific character, look closely. The thumbnail descriptions here give some indication who features in each poem. The storyline pages are adding precise, complete information about which characters appear in each poem. If you need more than what's already visible, you can ask me.

About timing: If you want maximum choice, shop early. We usually send a batch of things to my parents near the end of a sale.

Before placing your order, please check this sale page to see what is still unsold! I will try to update the page as things sell, and it's likely to be the case that some poems will be marked SOLD before appearing in posts. People often buy things in batches, which means that selling gets ahead of posting. Also sometimes people ask for the same thing at the same time, so that not all overlaps are preventable. If you have alternate instructions in case you request something that has just sold, please include that in your message; otherwise I'll email you back and ask what you want to do.

Currently available are the following poems. They are in my best guess of series chronological order.

Poems that unlock sequels: "Blue Jeans and Jazz," "The Key to Your New Home"

Poems that have prerequisites: "The Key to Your New Home," "To Know After Absence"

6 poems, $1253 ÷ 2 = $626.50
prices from $50.50 to $156

"To Appreciate Small Victories"
Summary: a group of inmates meets a show soup and learns about diversity, tolerance, and respect.
537 lines, was $269, sale price $134.50

"What A Win Looks Like" 
Summary: Dr. G demonstrates the difference between negotiation and coercion when asking Shiv to attend group therapy for the benefit of the regular attendees.
623 lines, was $312, sale price $156

"Blue Jeans and Jazz"
Summary: Shiv's early release from prison is imminent. Mr. Vanburen helps Shiv choose some street clothes.
536 lines, was $268, sale price $134 SOLD to Anthony & Shirley Barrette

"The Key to Your New Home"
Summary: When Shiv returns to Omaha, Boss White takes him to explore Shiv's new apartment in Public Housing.
201 lines, was $101, sale price $50.50 SOLD

"To Know After Absence"
Summary: Shiv moves into an apartment above Blues Moon and chooses some furniture from the gang's storage building.
372 lines, was $186, sale price $93 In microfunding now

"A Matter of Opportunity"
Summary: One of Dr. Bloch's coworkers has a really unfortunate tendency, and the doctor has an idea about how to fix it.
233 lines, was $117, sale price $58.50 SOLD

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