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Sunday Yardening

Here is an analysis of the septic garden in progress, with attention to survival of herbivore-resistant plants.

This is the septic garden.
This is the septic garden.

Some plants have been ignored by grazers.  \o/

The wild chives are struggling due to transplanting but have not been nibbled.
The wild chives are struggling after transplant, but not eaten.

This chocolate mint is thriving.
The chocolate mint is untouched and thriving.

The plain mint is also doing great.
Here is some plain mint thriving without nibbles.

The garlic chives are doing well.
The garlic chives are untouched.

The butterfly weed, a type of milkweed, is intact.
The butterfly weed, a type of milkweed, is untouched.

The rhubarb is flourishing and untouched.
The rhubarb is flourishing, apparently ignored.

The onion chives are thriving.  I have already bought and planted another of these.
Onion chives are untouched and doing well.

The stonecrop sedum has been utterly ignored.
The stonecrop sedum is untouched.

The coreopsis is unharmed and thriving.
The coreopsis is untouched.

Some plants have been bitten but are surviving.  :)

The lamb's ear has has stalks chewed off but not consumed.
The lamb's ear has been bitten but still survives.

The carnations have a few stalks nibbled off but are mostly fine.
Carnations have been nibbled but are surviving.

The spiderwort has been shortened but it seems to grow fast, like a grass.
The spiderwort is nibbled but surviving.

Some plants have been heavily grazed but aren't dead yet.  :/

The hollyhock is eaten down to one leaf but still alive.
The hollyhock is bitten but survives.

Many of the marigolds have been demolished, but some are left.
The marigolds have been largely eaten.

Some plants are either gone or nearly gone.  The pink daisy is so thorougly destroyed you can't even see stubs.  >_<

This is all that's left of the Dusty Miller artemesia.
This is all that's left of the Dusty Miller artemesia.

New Plants
These are new, and I've planted more since I took these pictures.

This is a yellow poppy.
The yellow poppy is new.

This is a white poppy.
The white poppy is new.
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