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Sunday Yardening

Today is sunny and warm with a little breeze.  

Round 1, I planted the five tiny succulents in a large shallow dish.

I had planned to put the air plants on a sea sponge.  Regrettable the sponge is old enough that when I picked it up, it began to crumble.  So now I need to obtain a new sea sponge before I can set those up.  :/

Round 2, I carried three big pots of pansies outside. They don't need to be repotted, just set out.  These were on sale for $1 because they're past peak.  I don't care, they'll bloom for weeks yet.  :D

Then I took some plants to the white garden for planting.  The Silver Mound artemesia was in a gallon pot. There were two other white flowers in pints, and then a four-pack of white cleome.  I'll need to get the grass shears and trim around the white garden.  It has grass growing all up around it.

Round 3, I planted a firecracker plant in the barrel garden and a red million bells in the second hanging basket by the barrel garden.

Round 4, I planted a white poppy and a yellow poppy in the septic garden.

Round 5, I planted a Russian sage and more chives in the septic garden, a pink foxglove in the bone garden, and a yellow yarrow in the wildflower garden.

As it is now dusk, I am done planting for the day.  I put out all the gallon pots, and the equivalent of one flat of smaller ones.  I didn't quite empty the whole flat because I took a few plants from the other flats, but it evens out to about a flat.
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