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Thursday Yardening

So far today I have sprayed weed killer along the fencerow of the forest yard to discourage stumps from resprouting.  I hope to get back out again later.

Weather is sunny and beautiful again.  Yay.  Yay.

EDIT 4/13/17: Round 2 involved us raking up the cut burdock leaves around the septic cap and then dumping 6 bags of topsoil around it to fill in the hollows and cover the sawdust from stump grinding.  This area is now plantable!  \o/

I've tried growing grass there and it hasn't worked, so now I'm going to try other things instead.  Considerations include: Nothing with a deep permanent root system.  Probably not bulbs, although I might consider small ones later.  Nothing meant to be eaten by people.  Definitely things that are resistant to deer and rabbits.

There's no such thing as 100% herbivore-proof plants.  Herbivore-resistant ones come in two broad categories: things that just aren't very yummy, and things that produce repellent and/or downright toxic compounds.  Plants which are fuzzy or prickly are less likely to get eaten than those which are tender and delicious.  Some things I am considering: wild chives, artemesia, rue, pennyroyal, rhubarb, lamb's ear, marigolds, butterfly weed (milkweed family), coreopsis, nicotiana.  I already have a bone garden in the forest yard for toxic understory plants such as foxglove and monkshood.

EDIT 4/13/17: Round 3, I took a snapshot of the septic cap.   I also planted 10 mixed hostas, mostly around the purple-and-white garden, some in the forest garden near the kitchen window.  This completes the plants I had in the house.  

The next batch of plants has arrived at my parents' house, so we'll need to pick up those this weekend.

EDIT 4/1/17: Round 4, I dug up a bunch of wild chives from where the old raspberry patch used to be, and transplanted them to the edge of the septic area.  A border of allium tends to discourage pests.  With a little luck, I may find some chives or garlic chives in packs this summer, and plant more of those.  They make very pretty flowers, pink on regular chives and white on garlic chives.  

As it now too dark to plant anything, I am done with yardwork for today.  I feel much more accomplished now.
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