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Poem: "What Lives in the Cracks"

This poem was inspired by prompts from goldbach5 and my_partner_doug. It has been sponsored by goldbach5.

"What Lives in the Cracks"

What lives in the cracks of humor?

Despair, for that is what humor
is meant to cope with and cover up.
Without humor there be only hopelessness.

What lives in the cracks of sunshine?

Shadow, for wherever there is
no light, there is darkness, and
all that lies hidden within it.

What lives in the cracks of time?

Wholeness, for it is time running down
the hands of entropy's clock that creates
the illusion of separation, and when syntropy
breaks the clock and remakes the universe,
for a single pea-sized instant,
everything is One.

What lives in the cracks of love?

Acceptance, for when even love
is stretched beyond its limits,
there remains the choice
to be and let be, rather
than turning away.

What lives in the cracks of the cosmic egg?

Enlightenment, for laughter and tears,
light and darkness, age and eternity,
affection and acknowledgement are all
bounded by the shell of the world, and
beyond that there are no words for
what lives there, only awe.

To be a scientist or a sage or
a small child is to hanker after
the logs and the stones and
the new green leaves, a desire
to turn them over to see
what lives in the cracks.

To explore the world and
all that lies beyond it is to learn
that what lives in the cracks

is potential.

* * *


Entropy can be described in simple or complex terms, none of which are quite perfect, because forces of nature don't fit particularly well into words made of language -- and only slightly better into numbers made of math. But it will have to do. This raises the question of what will happen to our universe: it could expand forever, coast to a stop, or recontract. However, current theories tend to overlook the organizing principle, or syntropy. Without that, we wouldn't have processes which create order out of chaos. Things like crystallization and life are syntropic functions which exist, if you will, within the cracks of entropy. With entropy and syntropy in concert, the universe expands and contracts in a cycle.

The cosmic egg is a creation myth appearing around the world. It customarily features an egg hatching to produce the world or a primal being.

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality by Joseph Chilton Pearce is a classic book about enlightenment which posits culture as the cosmic egg from which a mindful person may break free.  WARNING: This book may do serious damage to rigid minds.
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