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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

This weekend the [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam is running on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal.  The theme is "skeptical, not blind."  Come give us prompts, or claim prompts for your own inspiration.

From My Prompts
"Tolerance" by [personal profile] alexconall  looks at different meanings of the word.

What I Have Written 

These two free-verse poems are a matched set in the Berettaflies thread:

"Until It Hears Something Better" spans part of Week 4 and Week 5, after Stylet surrenders and begins making amends to the citizens of Easy City. It's a bumpy ride, but he has some support.
182 lines, Buy It Now = $91

"A Little from the Heart" shows the meeting between Stylet and Ashley, in which he attempts to apologize and she expresses her extreme displeasure.
481 lines, Buy It Now = $241
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