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Poem: "A Bridged Right"

This is today's freebie, inspired by my_partner_doug.

"A Bridged Right"

The Civil Rights Movement
included many moments of courage,
water drops that cut the new course of a river
running from underneath old bridges.

On March 7, 1965, black people
marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge
over the Alabama River in Selma
to demand voting rights.

Police attacked them with
tear gas and billy clubs, sending
over fifty people to the hospital.

It was named Bloody Sunday.

Outrage fueled further efforts in
activism, contributing to the passage
of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Droplets became a flood,
and abridged rights became
a bridged right.

* * *


Today is the 52nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday.  Never forget.

Tags: activism, cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, fishbowl, history, poem, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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