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Friday Yardening

Today I pulled weeds and cut brush around the septic tank cap.  One of my projects for this season is trying to grow something other than weeds there.  I've been trying grass, and it hasn't worked.  So I'll throw down more topsoil, and try some rabbit-resistant annuals, maybe a rhubarb plant and comfrey too.

This yellow crocus is about to open in the rain garden beside the house.
This yellow crocus is growing in the rain garden.

The ring of daffodils under the maple near the house are beginning to bloom.
These daffodils have opened under the maple tree near the house.

There are multiple patches of snowdrops rambling around the savanna.
Several patches of volunteer snowbells are rambling around the savanna.

There are several miniature Dutch iris flowers blooming in the wildflower garden.
Several miniature Dutch iris flowers are blooming in the wildflower garden.

This one is in the wagonwheel garden.
This miniature Dutch iris is blooming in the wagonwheel garden.

So are these yellow crocus buds.
This yellow crocus is budding in the wagonwheel garden.

The cornelian cherry dogwood is blooming in the forest yard.
The cornelian cherry dogwood is in the forest yard.
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