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Wednesday Ramblings

Today we met up with my folks in Champaign-Urbana.  So they have their batch of poetry from the half-price sale.  \o/  We had lunch together too.

The main goal was making a major stockup run at Sam's Club.  We got a ton of food, some garden soil for leveling low spots, and a very cool garden cart.  We'll be making sloppy joe mix and keema, having picked up ingredients for those recipes.

We also stopped at Harvest Market.  They had more jackfruit, yay!  \o/  These were whole, about the size of a watermelon, but could be cut, so I got three big slices.  My plan is to make bread pudding and ice cream.  One of the employees also tipped us to the availability of barbecue jackfruit, which is made from the green fruit, so we got some of that to try also.  :D  They also had some shortbread cooking which turned out to be amazingly tasty and tender.  We did not, strictly speaking, need to buy a carton of cookies and half a gallon of farm-fresh chocolate milk, but after several hours of hiking around and buying healthy food, we decided that we deserved a treat.
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