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Sunday Yardening

Today I put the protective jug back over one of the oak seedlings that had gotten loose, and mulched around it to keep that in place. I also put mulch around six other seedlings in the savannah garden.

The hazelnut bush has opened its catkins. When touched, they release clouds of golden pollen. :D Maybe this year I'll actually get some of the darn hazelnuts. I saw them last fall but only for a few days -- I think the squirrels pounced on them, possibly before they were even ripe.

Yesterday I took some photos in the yard.  It's not as much fun to look for the first bulbs of spring, as they now appear in the middle of winter.  Seriously, stuff started coming up in the middle of January.  You can see how high they are now, and it's only the middle of February.  0_o  It's so warm today, bugs are flying.  Someone on one of my nature lists said they saw a freaking BUTTERFLY.  In February.

The blue grape hyacinths are sprouting just beyond the edge of the patio.
These leaves belong to blue grape hyacinth.

This yellow flower is Eranthis cilicica blooming in the goddess garden. I've never seen anything bloom before the snowdrops and snow crocus before.
Eranthis cilicica in bloom.

The small pointy dark green shoots are snow crocus. The flatter, paler green shoots are miniature Dutch iris. These are in the goddess garden too.
Snow crocus and miniature Dutch iris sprouts.

These daffodil leaves are growing under the Home Base mulberry tree. They are about hand-high.
Daffodils sprouting under Home Base.

This tulip is sprouting in the long flowerbed beside the parking lot.
Tulip sprout in parking lot flowerbed.

These snowdrops are sprouting in the long flowerbed beside the parking lot. Some of them have buds on them, but they're not open yet.
Snowdrop sprouts by parking lot.

This has been a test of the image management function for Dreamwidth. I will probably not use it again. I love the upload function, which lets me put in layers of details. But there's no real management -- it's just a list of random images, without a way to move them around or put them in folders. LiveJournal's image handling used to be excellent and is now shitty, but at least it still has one layer of folders left.
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