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Poem: "Spinning Intimacy"

This is the freebie for today's fishbowl, spliced from prompts by [personal profile] librarygeek and [personal profile] redsixwing.  It also fills the "Internet Friends" square in my 2-1-17 Love Songs card for the Valentines Bingo Fest.

"Spinning Intimacy"

Picking out yarn
for internet friends
is like spinning intimacy --

my fingers drifting over
the fibers, remembering what
I've seen of someone's work,
their favorite materials and
the colors they've used,

freed from my own limitations
(allergic to wool, and most of
the good stuff is wool) because
theirs are different than mine,

imagining what could be made
from this ball of color or that set
of several gradient shades,

this skein deliciously thick,
that one fine as fairy-floss,

thinking about the shepherdesses,
the spinners, the dyers, the clerk of
the little yarn shop all playing their part
in the long slow trail of creativity

and I playing mine, gathering up
the chosen skeins to cast afar
through the mail --

a connection made
between self and other,
as thin and strong as silk,
as colorful as the best wool

as intimate as a texture against the lips.

* * *


Fibercrafts rely on a wide range of natural and artificial fibers. Choosing yarn requires understanding many factors including weight. Choosing yarn for someone else benefits from knowing practicalities such as what colors they like, what kinds of things they enjoy making, and what if anything they're allergic to -- plus the more ephemeral aspects of personality that suggest which of the 2000 awesome balls of color would most make them go "Squee!"
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