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State of the Backlog

Among the tasks I have completed:
* Tallying donations for January.
* Posting fishbowl reports and unsold poetry lists for January events.
* Going over January poems to make sure I sent everything to [personal profile] callibr8 for listing online.
* Going over Sample Page entries for recently listed poems.
* Sending comp copies of later-written poems to their prompters. 
* Doubling back to check November and December, tallying donations for those.
* Listing poems sold in the Holiday Poetry Sale.

Yay.  Yay.  Progress.

Stuff I still need to do:
* Put November and December poems into collections.  Some of this may be started, but not finished.
* Put January poems into collections.
* Proofread the collections that [personal profile] callibr8 has assembled.
* Count up the collections currently available as year-end perks for 2016.
* Remind Doug to assemble the 2016 collection, which may be partly done, but I only just got around to listing all the poems in the Holiday Poetry Sale.
* Contact 2016 k-fans to ask what perk collection they want.
* Print and mail the k-fan collections.
* Make the 2016 donor bookmarks and mail those.
* Reconfigure the perk structure to account for changes in the Poetry Fishbowl project.
* Write the Sixth Poem of the Fall in which a dragon destroys the Eofor stronghold.

Things I have learned:
* I oopsed some more books.  The Polychrome Heroics threads are waaaaayyyyyy bigger than I realized.  Like big enough to break the previous perk structure, so I have to make some half-step adjustments for 2016 perks before recalculating 2017 perk options.  I do not want to bait-and-switch my fans, so I'm unwilling to ditch the whole structure for 2016 just because it went a bit pear-shaped.
* The Holiday Poetry Sale sold 27 poems in 2015 and 39 poems in 2016, an increase of 44.4%.  Also people didn't stop buying poems  after the sale ended.  Some problems are nice to have!  But this meant I didn't have the second half of December to make the year-end goodies because I was posting poetry.  Like, until right before the January fishbowl.
* Also the hugely successful November mid-month sale in Polychrome Heroics kept me busy enough that I didn't have time for any advance prep of year-end tasks.
* General trends in the fishbowl have meant more and longer epics, which take more time to write.  You may have noticed that the fishbowl is rarely a single day now, but sprawls over a week or so.  I wrote 20 sub-epics in a day for the February bonus fishbowl; that used to be typical.  Now it's more like 8-10 on Tuesday and more later.  What this means is a sea-change in distribution of my production.  I do not  want to meddle with things in ways that could undercut the very generous donations, and I want to make it easier for folks to enjoy the series material as has been repeatedly requested, so I'm mulling over ideas.

At least I have reduced the amount of behind that I am, and while I am about to fall more behind while working on the February fishbowl, the 2016 portion of the backlog should not grow, and will eventually get whittled down.  I hope.

Thank you for your patience.  People telling me that it's okay to take my time makes me feel less like I have completely dropped the professional ball.  I'm working at the fringe of my organizational ability here, which is exciting but sometime also daunting.  I keep repeating, "If you're not making any mistakes, you're not learning, you're coasting."
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