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Wooden Timer Session 4

In Session 4, we built a long subassembly.

This is the front view.  You can't see it, but I had to rub wax over all the exposed toothpick parts and around the wheels and those long prongs.  It's meant as a lubricant.  I'm using paraffin from a tea light that fell out of its shell.  I'm not sure whether paraffin wax or beeswax would be better.  Probably paraffin, as beeswax can get tacky.
This shows the front side of the subassembly that we built in Session 4.

This is the back view.
This shows the back side of the subassembly that we build in Session 4.

Lineman snips are heavy-duty scissors for cutting through tough things like wire.  The subassembly instructions this time required trimming some of the toothpicks, so we used these.  The handles are tiny, even for me -- I have no idea why, 95% of the people who'd use these are men -- thus less comfortable than emergency scissors.  But the blades are thicker, the screw sturdier, and they really do cut well.  I went hunting for these after watching a repair guy use his.  Yes, my competence kink extends to equipment.
Lineman snips are heavy-duty scissors.  We used these to trim toothpicks.
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