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Wooden Timer Session 3

In Session 3, we made two subassemblies.

The first subassembly is a gear.
This is the first subassembly from Session 3, a gear.

The second subassembly is a spire made of smooth wheels.
This is the second subassembly from Session 3, a spire made of round wheels.

This project keeps reminding me of a truism: "Experience is how you avoid mistakes. Mistakes are how you get experience."

In Session 1, I showed you how these parts all come as part of a lasercut board.  In physics, there is a tradeoff between weight and strength.  Many of these parts have thin areas that are relatively fragile.

I know this because I have made models in the past, and observed that thin parts are prone to breaking -- especially if you have to pry them out of surrounding material.  So I understand the importance of carefully pressing around the rim of a part, rocking it gently back and forth to loosen the connections, NOT bending it, NOT using anything thin as a rocker or lever, etc.  I know this from having broken other, similar things in the past.  I could take one look at those parts while still in the board, count up all the thin sections, and rate this as a model for experts.  That's experience, and it comes from mistakes.  I can tell you about it, and maybe help you learn a little faster, but that doesn't give you a tactile feel for how hard you can press and where. In the end, you're not going to learn how to make fancy models without breaking a few parts along the way.

This is why making mistakes is a natural and necessary part of the learning process.  If you're not making any mistakes, you're not learning, you're coasting.
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