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Wooden Timer

Our current project is assembling a wooden timer.  We got it from a crowdfunding project.

This is the top of the box that the timer came in.  You can see what the timer will look like after it's finished.
This is the top of the box with the timer in it.

Here is the underside of the box.
This is the underside of the box with the timer in it.

This is the instruction book.  It is painfully obvious that English is not their first language.
This is the instruction book on how to assemble the timer.

The pieces are lasercut from laminated slabs of wood.  There are also many toothpicks to use as axels.  Two rubber bands will provide the energy for running the timer.
These are the pieces of the timer, still in their wooden slabs.

On the left is a very clever little tool.  It includes a hole for pushing toothpicks, and slots of different sizes for measuring depth.  On the right is the first subassembly.  It took us a ridiculously long time to get this far.
This is the first subassembly for the timer, which we put together in Session 1.

This is a cool model.  However, it is challenging to build.  You need to have some serious experience in building models and solving problems for this one.  Two builders are better than one, owing to the need for small dextrous hands and larger stronger hands in different contexts.
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