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Join the Resistance

I've been seeing "Remember: Resist" in a lot of places lately.  Okay, let's work with that.  Resistance is all about obstructing the flow of energy.  What is the purpose of resistance in activism?  It makes the opponent exert maximum effort for minimum return.  It wrecks his EROEI.  Being in a racist (classist, sexist, etc.) society doesn't make you racist, anymore than standing in a pigpen makes you a pig.  Sometimes you can stop bullying by being an upstander.  Even if you can't stop the problem, by providing resistance, you can slow it down.

I propose making jewelry out of resistors.

This lineart version would work on a button, a t-shirt, a patch, any craft that could be made with a grid chart, etc.

Now get out there and chant Ohm.
Tags: activism, crafts, how to, politics
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