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Drumpf News

my_partner_doug found this amusing cartoon about the Idiot in Chief.

In completely unexpected news, my_partner_doug also identified a beneficial side effect of the Head Illiterate: more people are reading.

After Dingus Turnip ranted about Rep. John Lewis, Lewis' books sold out, including the civil rights graphic novel set The March. (Yes, we bought that one.)

After Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts' confabulation, sales of 1984  nd other dystopian novels skyrocketed. (Been there, read that.  Also don't miss the televised Brave New World  starring Leonard Nimoy.  "Work! Earn! Buy!")

Who would have thought it?  But this is awesome.  :D

Several of my friends have begun collecting rude nicknames for Donut Tripe.  I think what we need now is someone to track all the stuff that the Panjandrum's bloviations cause to sell in backlash.  You know like, "Poke a Bigot in the Eye: what to buy this week to support Twerp's opponents."  As soon as he picks a new target to lambaste, look to see if they've published any books, albums, webcomics, or anything else for sale.  Then advertise that.  Bookstores could even put it on a special table with a 10% markdown.  Libraries and book clubs could put it in their read-and-discuss lists.  Any blogger could make a post about it with links to the original attack, the target's bio, and the item(s) to buy in protest.  If we start now, four years later we should have one hell of a canon built up -- enough for a series  of college literature classes.  Won't this be fun?

Remember, sidestep the attack and strike back directly at your enemy's base goals.  The Trotline relies on ignorance. Literacy is his enemy.

im in ur plantation educatin ur dudes!

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