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Yellow Submarine Session 2

my_partner_doug and I are continuing the assembly of the Yellow Submarine.

Here is the nameplate with the Beatles at the end of Session 2.  It took forever to figure out how to wedge that little "LOVE" sign into place securely.  It would have made more sense to put a handle on the blighted thing.
Here are the Beatles after Session 2.

This is the top view of the Yellow Submarine after the end of Session 2.  You can see some of the little blinky lights in place.  Also, we discovered during Session 3 that we had put the steering wheel on the wrong end.  The instructions are all pictures and a few numbers, no text.  I imagine Shiv would have no trouble with this, but it is pesky for word people to decipher.
This is the top view of the Yellow Submarine after Session 2.

This is the bottom of the Yellow Submarine following Session 2.  You can see that the sides are fully assembled.
This is the bottom view of the Yellow Submarine after Session 2.
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