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Poem: "Fishing for River Monsters"

You have new prompter [personal profile] pronker to thank for the second freebie from the January 24, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl, who also inspired this piece.

"Fishing for River Monsters"

Growing up in East Anglia,
Jeremy Wade went down
to the river to play.

It took a while for him
to get any good at fishing
but he was persistent.

As a young man,
Jeremy began traveling
around the world in search of
bigger and more interesting fish.

In the Himalayan foothills,
villagers told stories of people
who had gone missing in the river.
They believed that the perpetrator
was some sort of giant fish.

Jeremy went hunting for
the fish, and came back with
a 161-pound goonch catfish.

He then explained that
the actual man-eater would
have to be even bigger.

From this beginning
grew the inspiration for
his show River Monsters.

It takes a lot of grit
to go around the world
looking for creatures that
would like to eat you.

* * *


Jeremy Wade is a famous naturalist who hosts the television show River Monsters.

The goonch catfish is a giant fish suspected of causing the Kali River goonch attacks. Notice the careful process of first listing all possible suspects, and then eliminating those whose traits do not fit, until one probable culprit remains.

Cryptids are mysterious creatures of questionable existence. River monsters are a freshwater subcategory of these.
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