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Poem: "wisteria shade"

This is from today's fishbowl, inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] redsixwing.

"wisteria shade"
-- a tanka

over the clear creek
the bamboo arbor stretches,
wisteria shade
covering the cool water
and, under its surface, fish

* * *


The tanka is a traditional form of Asian poetry.  

Kigo  are words which symbolize the seasons.  Wisteria represents late spring.

Wisteria has a woody, rambling form halfway between a vine and a shrub which produces spectacular festoons of flowers. Learn how to grow it.

An arbor is an arched structure, which may have vines growing over it, often used to separate different areas within a garden.  This combines nicely with a bridge, another transitional feature.  Wisteria is a popular plant for such placements.

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