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Today's Discovery

We met up with my parents and Doug's son Trevor.  Supper wasn't impressive.  But afterwards we went to El Oasis, our favorite Mexican ice cream parlor.  (Have I mentioned it's like a little slice of Terramagne?  Which is why I usually drop my change into the tip jar.)  They had a new flavor: chongos.  Actual chongos is a type of cheese, but not salted like their queso.  The ice cream had a cheesy, sort of caramel flavor that we fell in love with.  Doug decided to double-scoop it with caramel ice cream, and eventually realized that this duplicates his favorite popcorn mix, cheese and caramel.   I didn't think it would have enough contrast, but it actually worked great.  So now the gansito has a real competitor.  :D
Tags: ethnic studies, food, personal

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