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Author Update

I am back in action.  \o/  I've been working on backlogged email and poetry prompts.

I am also hopelessly behind on projects, and have realized that we scheduled Doug-and-Mom birthday festivities on the Tuesday where I'd normally put a bonus fishbowl.  *facepalm*  So I'm taking Doug's suggestion and just skipping it, as we are happily still flush from the overwhelming success of the Holiday Half-Price Sale.  I don't know if this will let me catch up very much, but it will definitely prevent an opportunity to fall even farther behind.  I should be able to do the February fishbowl as intended, and just move the bonus fishbowl to the middle of that month.

Fortunately, the ice storm missed us; nothing but a few shiny patches here, quickly washed away by warmer rain.  Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and worried about us.  Alas, our Chicago relatives are plated under half an inch of dire glaze.  O_O  So our plans have gotten knocked around by that.  I hope we'll still manage to connect tomorrow. 

My apologies for the delays and derailments.  Have some cookies.  :D  I got that done today too, making up for me being sick on Doug's birthday.  I still owe him a shepherd's pie.

Thank you for your patience and support.  You folks are wonderful.
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