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Author Update

Some stuff that's been going on here:

* I've been under the weather for several days.  I'm back to semi-functional but not yet back to spending all day online.  Consequently I am even more behind on the projects that were already running behind.  I will catch up when I can.

* Our regular phones are out of service due to the provider changing technology without telling us.  Gee thanks assholes.  So now we need new phones, which we can't get for several days. 

* It pays to know supervillains.  While I was mentally bitching over this, Shiv chimed in, "So get a burner phone."  I am SO not a phone person, this would never have occurred to me, and my partner Doug says he wouldn't have thought of it either.  We did manage to acquire and activate one, so we have an emergency phone.  Yay.

* Reason we needed an emergency phone is that the weather forecast calls for freezing rain.  This often, though not always, knocks out the power and we need to be able to call in the outage if that happens.  We have food, bottled water, a woodstove, wood to put in it, etc. and are generally well prepared for the weather.
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