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Pillows Perfect for Stimming

I saw these things in a mall recently.  They're pillows covered with bicolor sequins loosely sewn onto a cover, so that you can drag a hand over them and change the pattern.  Like all things made of sequins, they are kind of crunchy and scratchy, which means they're ideal for sensory-seekers but probably not for people with sensitive skin.  I like playing with them in the store but I wouldn't put one on my couch.  Definitely a must-have for people who collect pillows for tactile stimulation, though.  

Also like all things made of sequins, they will eventually come apart.  Sequins tend to be sharp inside.  If you use cheap sequins and thread, they'll fall apart fast; if you use sequins with sanded holes and tough thread, they could last quite a while.  These seem to be available in a range of prices, so you'll probably get what you pay for.  Look at the price and consider whether you'll get that amount of fun from the pillow while it lasts.  Also if you get bored fast, you might be happier with a $10 pillow that lasts a month, and then you buy a new one in a different color, than a $60 pillow that lasts a year but you're tired of it after three months.
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